The operation of your company significantly affects the quality of the service you offer. In a well-organized company, the processes are professional and the opportunities arising from its automation are taken advantage of, so the services you provide stand out from your competitors. That’s why we’ve focused our product development on areas that provide useful support for your operational corporate governance activities.

With our process control solutions, we make the operation of your organization more transparent with graphical tracking interfaces and automated processes; we provide opportunities for operational intervention so that your employees can create more value effectively, all by focusing on what everyone is doing.

Thanks to the technology we use, our customers are able to build solutions that meet the FinTech requirements of the PSD2 guidelines. We also offer our customers two different uses to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the products in the DynTruss collection.

Create freely in the DynTruss development framework

The DynTruss product collection can also be used as a complex development framework consisting of six products that can be used and operated independently, giving our customers a free hand to design, create, operate and improve their own unique workflows without any of our active involvement.


with BPMN 2.0 using our easy-to-use, flexible modeling tool!


your own user forms for each process step without developers!


complex DMN decision tables and integrate them into your process!


user guidelines that you can publish as a web help with the process.


a process-driven application that can be run from the process models you create.


the generated processes.


running processes with graphical tracking interfaces and identify bottlenecks.


the efficiency of the processes and the organizations and individuals involved in the process, the work times, lead times, and compliance with external or internal SLA commitments.


your organization and processes based on measured data.

Take advantage of our pre-built target solutions quickly

In the case of this design, we have already implemented the full integration of traditional AdviseSoft products and DynTruss products in our solution packages in order to increase the efficiency of your work. In addition, our customers can enjoy the privilege of rapid deployment, as they “only” have to customize processes built on industry standards as part of the implementation project, rather than designing and developing the operations organized into the processes.

We are constantly expanding the number of available BSPs and the business areas they cover as part of our product development activities.

„Digital New Business Solution Process Controlled Financing Offer Management” BSP
„Digital Stock Finance Business Solution Process-driven Inventory Financing Management” BSP
„Digital Document Store and Management Business Solution Process Controlled Document Management” BSP
  • ZProcess-driven “New Business”, an integrated solution for acquiring new leasing transactions, covering the entire brokerage activity and processes.
  • ZRepresentatives of the financial intermediary perform their duties exclusively in our DynTruss RoadRunner application and keep in touch with the financing company.
  • ZParticipants on the part of the funding party perform their application management tasks using the DynTruss Application Portal and the AS Core system integrated into it, up to the activation of the transaction.
  • ZThe wide range of parameterization options available for financial products can significantly increase the efficiency of brokerage work.
  • ZWell-documented online cooperation between the intermediary and the funding party is ensured throughout the bidding and contracting process.
  • ZAn integrated solution covering the activities related to the initiation and closing of inventory financing transactions with special characteristics of asset distributors and dealers.
  • ZWith minimal data entry, the contractor will be able to submit a new funding application to the financier at the expense of an existing inventory financing framework contract, provided that the conditions and control algorithms specified in the relevant framework contract are met.
  • ZThe closing of an open inventory financing contract can be initiated with the push of a button, the settlement is automatic.
  • ZThe complex system of limits, all-limits and the monitoring of the fulfillment of other conditions ensure precise control for the financing party.
  • ZIt is possible to submit funding requests to the funding party via the API, so that authorized participants are able to submit an inventory funding request automatically, without user intervention.
  • ZHere too, we place special emphasis on effective cooperation between the party using the inventory financing and the financing party, as well as on the management of the documentation accompanying the transaction.
  • ZAdvanced, process-controlled solution for complex activities related to the simultaneous handling of paper-based and electronically authentic documents.
  • ZSimultaneously supports the company's outgoing, incoming and internal flow of records for both financing activities and records related to core business.
  • ZIn BPMN-based, records management-related processes, DMN rules can be used to build complex rule systems for, for example, record validation, authorization, or publishing processes. Modification of the rules is in the hands of the user, no development is required. Modification of the rules is in the hands of the user, no development is required.
  • ZReceiving supplier invoices has never been so well organized and automated. Based on the data provided to the company in the NAV online, the incoming supplier invoice can be generated in an instant, paired with the authentic copy, and its authorization process can be automated in a transparent and organized manner.
  • ZA user-friendly, online solution for verifying increasingly common PKI signatures in business and managing validation decisions.