We are building the future based on past experience

We grew up together with the Hungarian asset financing market. The development of our central transaction system began in 1996, and our first implementation went live in 1999. In the early 2000s, ahead of our customers, we began to lay the groundwork for process organized, structured, and precisely documented operations.

We consider our reliability to be our core value, and we make our commitments responsibly based on a high degree of thought. We have mature bidding, quality control and progress tracking methodologies, which we also continuously fine-tune with our plan / fact feedback system.

Domestic market leader in asset financing transaction systems

In the field of asset-based financing transaction systems, we have a significant presence both in terms of the scope of our clientele and the classification of our solutions as an industry reference. We operate as a broad technology and general systems approach knowledge center.

More than a development company

In our work, we create something that did not exist before and that we believe represents value. We do not pass on the products of companies with worldwide sales channels with small custom additions, nor do we start from scratch to develop similar software based on individual customer needs.

We know what and how to build a castle

Financial IT systems must meet special requirements, in particular with regard to reliability, security, the ability to handle large amounts of data and the fulfillment of reporting obligations. With these in mind, we carry out both our product development activities related to AdviseSoft products and custom developments on a daily basis.

Our professional work environment, work methodologies, task-specific targeting tools, performance appraisal system and vision ensure that our products can simultaneously meet the expectations of the largest domestic financial institutions and smaller financiers in terms of both quality, complexity and parameterization.

Our version management methodology and internal customer relationship management system create order in the chaos, providing transparency and predictability to our customers.

A good product is only possible with a satisfied employee

After 10 years of employment, our employees are entitled to “6 weeks paid” recreational leave. So far, 20 of our employees have deserved this. In fact, we can now boast of colleagues who have won this award twice!

As part of our mentoring program, new entrants are mentored by experienced colleagues with many years of professional experience during the probationary period and beyond.

Our products

Our AdviseSoft Core product family provides complete IT support for financial institutions engaged in leasing, lending, and factoring activities.

Our AS Core product family

After many years of intensive product development, we entered the market in 2016 with our DynTruss product line.

Our Dyntruss product family