AS Core

The AdviseSoft Integrated Loan, Leasing and Factoring Administration Program System incorporates functionality from more than 20 years of industry experience and therefore goes far beyond the general functions of a contract management system. Our solutions are currently used by more than 1,200 end users, managing more than 550,000 contracts.

  • A complete, integrated transaction system for asset-based financing, whether Credit, Closed-End Finance Lease, Open-End Finance Lease, Operating Lease, Long Term Lease or Factoring
  • A central element of the traditional AdviseSoft product collection
  • Sophisticated and flexible solution for all financial companies engaged in credit, loan, leasing or factoring activities
  • Our solution can be scaled well to the size of the user company, from companies with a small contract portfolio of a few people to multinational finance companies with a large data base, where a high degree of integration with banking systems is paramount.
  • Continuous, high-level support for regulatory compliance
  • Management of cross-border and multicurrency transactions
  • Other member companies of a group of companies in one accounting framework
  • Risk management (scoring, rating, limit management), refinancing, automated account and payment transactions (scoring), late administration - support for individual solutions in line with current expectations
  • Complete accounting records - balance sheet, income statement and other mandatory reports
  • Compliance with international accounting standards (IFRS, IAS, US-GAAP)
  • Support for complete administration with related AdviseSoft products from bidding to closing
  • Robust base system and more than 500 additional licenses, many of which can be switched on immediately
  • Numerous parameter setting options and their combinations to suit the existing business
  • Meets high security standards set by financial institutions for data access, fraud alert, authentication, authorization, transaction logs

Should there be a unique development idea or integration need on the part of our customers, we are at the disposal of our customers with a dedicated, professional development team in Budapest, the availability undertaken in a framework contract and the obligation to submit a bid.