Év Vállalata Díj 2009
IT-Business Leadership Award Magyar Hírlap - 50 Magyar Sikeres Kis és Közép-vállalkozás
Oracle Gold Partner
The project is supported by the European Union and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.
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AdviseSoft Private Co. Ltd. by Shares emphasizes the support and assistance tasks related to our products. Our support services have the following components:
  • A new version of the product is launched at least once a year for international clients, with formally agreed contents and timing. As a result of this, at a certain moment only a few versions of the software run at the users, which enables a more uniform, efficient and swifter support. The clients decide whether they take over the supplied version for testing, therefore the change of the versions are always in harmony with the clients' needs.

  • With every delivered version our company hands over the following documentation:

    • Release notes to the adequate version (which consists of the resolved client requirements' precise documentation)
    • A testing plan updated with the new developments and modifications according to the new program version
    • Users' manual updated with the new developments and modifications according to the new program version
  • For the Help Desk process we have dedicated staff, who are available to help with client queries and tasks related to our products.
  • The recently developed contract structure also serves the safety of our clients. It contains four elements: licensing, support, deposit and implementation contracts. One of the most remarkable elements of this structure is that an independent legal advisory office deposits the implemented system's source code in an "even more independent" bank safe. Thus in case of any problems, this adequately guarantees the monetary institution the contingency of their business processes according to the terms of their contract.
  • Our company - taking the difference in size of our clients into account - has developed three different service packs, which contain different levels of available services (training, legal compliance and follow up, support consultation), enabling our partners to choose the services that suits their needs most.