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Products of AdviseSoft Private Co. Ltd. by Shares appeared in the domestic financial institution market in 1999. The main profile of the company is software developing. Within this section networking and internet systems, solutions, and technologies characterize and also has several references at financial areas and institutions. Its primary product is the AdviseSoft Integrated Leasing, Credit and Factoring administration System, which gives global informatics support to those financial institutions that deals with leasing, credit and factoring activities. Since 2008 the company has also entered the telecommunications field with its AS Galaxy product, which is the integrated information solution of cable communication providers.

The primary aim of AdviseSoft Private Co. Ltd. by Shares is to give global support its clients to be able to handle challenges efficiently and also be able to handle the changes of the market and be productive.

The philosophy of the company is not to offer developed systems to the clients that stays alone after completing, but give universal solutions which customize all the financial institutions needs by developing all the necessary modules. This approach has several advantages.

  • Standardized basic-system
  • All the most frequently used modules are the same at every firm. This way they are continuously in the centre of the attention from the developing, operating, maintaining view-point and no problem will arise that discrete developed system has.

Our systems are used by over 80 subsidiary companies of almost 20 multinational groups and with more than 1000 end users, handling several hundred thousand bills monthly.

The aim of AdviseSoft Private Co. Ltd. by Shares is to develop a level of communication with its partners that will enable to harmonize the ideas of the partners with AdviseSoft's products and services, thus creating a strong professional partnership that provides adequate background for reaching the clients' business goals in domestic and international markets.
To achieve these strategies we have the following principles:

  • Well trained employees: we employ skillful and experienced staff who are able to perform all the tasks related to installation, software engineering of our products, as well as supporting, aiding and speeding up efficiently the implementation of our clients' IT related ideas. We provide continuous professional internal and external trainings for our specialists.

  • Simplification: in the course of engineering our products we try to avoid complicated programming to create software which are transparent for users both in terms of software desktop/menu system and implemented business process.

  • Importance of communication: we experienced during our work that the quality of the passages with our clients has a great influence on the business relationship and client satisfaction. In order to have mutual confidence and satisfaction with our clients we put extra focus on communication, the importance of clients' needs, the adequate documentation, presentation of the prepared tasks.

  • Continuous development in technology, R&D: only those can plan long-term, who have daily goals. We place emphasis on getting to know the IT trends, supporting the technical skills of our colleagues, learning new technology and identifying new potential.