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New AdviseSoft client in the financial field - 2010.08.27

After a lengthy preparation phase the contract was signed at the end of the summer with the Hungarian branch of the asset financing specialist Banco Primus for the implementation of AS Core and AS AnaLease products. Prior to the implementation we have precisely analyzed the client need, and so we can deliver a product according to client specification. The implementation project kick off is in September of 2010 and the estimated closing is in February of 2011.

Regional leasing conference in Kiev - 2010.05.25

AdviseSoft will participate and give a speech at the regional leasing conference in Kiev on June 4th. The event is organized - for the first time - by the Ukrainian Union of Lessors, with the support of Leaseurope, for international and Ukrainian market players in the changing environment on how to continue working effectively and successfully in the financial services market of Ukraine. The organizers will pay particular attention to the latest trends and legislative changes, while the objective is to develop effective strategies for the future, as well as the creation of new business relationships.

AdviseSoft: member of the Cable Association - 2010.05.07

AdviseSoft Ltd. has recently became an associate member of the Hungarian Cable Communications Association. The strategic aim of the company, that after the two major cable clients it would gain further Hungarian and regional clients and as in the leasing market It would become a market standard for cable communication and utility service providers.

Magyar Kábelkommunikációs Szövetség

AdviseSoft at the event of the Cable Communications Association - 2010.04.12

AdviseSoft Ltd. will participate at the annual meeting and seminar of the Hungarian Cable Communications Association between April 18-20, 2010 in Hajdúszoboszló, where Igor Szabados, sales director of the company will make a presentation. The event is organized by the largest professional association of the local cable communications providers.

EU fund received for product development - 2010.04.01

AdviseSoft has won a new EU tender (KMOP) with the cooperation of Hungarian Economic Development Centre Plc. for a new product development and the transformation of the required hardware parc. The value of the fund: 70.698.773 HUF.

AdviseSoft is sponsor of the Leaseurope seminar - 2010.03.29

AdviseSoft is sponsoring again this year the Seminar and Business Forum for Lessors in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern-Europe organized by Leaseurope (the European Federation of Leasing Company Associations) that will take place in Budapest between April 22-23 in Hotel InterContintental. Come and visit our colleagues at this event!

Rare Disease Day - 2010.02.26

Rare Disease Day 2010 February 28

AdviseSoft Ltd. is the supporter of the Hungarian event of the „Rare Disease Day” that takes place on February 28th in Budapest.

Further information: www.rarediseaseday.org

Sponsoring the leasing conference - 2009.11.09

The Hungarian Leasing Association has organized its annual Leasing conference. The conference – where AdviseSoft Ltd. was a silver sponsor - international and Hungarian leasing experts gave comprehensive picture through their presentations to the over 200 attendants about the European and Hungarian leasing market, as well as the current trends of the leasing industry.

AdviseSoft named „Enterprise of the Year 2009” by the Hungarian Venture Capital Association - 2009.10.09

Enterprise of the Year 2009

The award which was handed out for the 12th year (among its earlier recipients are Pannonpower, Waberer’s, Euromedic, Index, Graphisoft, Pharmavit, Synergon, SOLVO, Biopetrol, Freesoft, IND Group, Axiál, Interware) is a valuable reference to the company specialized in IT.

The award is a sign of acknowledgement of the venture capital sector for companies with an eminent economic performance and track record, whose business model could be exemplary to other Hungarian entrepreneurs. In case of AdviseSoft the following qualities were recognized: entrepreneurial spirit, long term business approach and ability to turn it into success. The international expansion as well as the exceptional qualities of the management team were also highlighted.

„It is a great honor that our company was chosen for this award. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues and our clients for their ongoing support.” – said Péter Busai, managing director of AdviseSoft.

According to the evaluation of the HVCA it states, that „AdviseSoft Information Technology Ltd, as a domestic enterprise in 2009 has given prove of the existence of what is the engine of the economy: entrepreneurial spirit, strategic thinking and aspiration for further development. Through the example of the award winner we can see that its management has realized and took advantage of the growth potential of the market. Their activities can be exemplary to other Hungarian enterprise as well.”

Microsoft Gold partner - 2009.09.28

AdviseSoft Ltd. has become a certified Microsoft® Gold partner for its technological advancement and for meeting the market requirements and testing its products under Windows® 7 environment.

Regional Leasing - 2009.01.14

The spring 2009 issue of Regional Leasing newsletter is available now. The current newsletter contains a case study about shared service centers and is distributed among leasing professionals in CEE. If you would like to receive your online copy of the newsletter regularly, sign up to news@regionalleasing.com.

AdviseSoft among TOP 50 Hungarian SMEs - 2009.01.14

We are proud to announce that in the year 2008 AdviseSoft was chosen as one of the TOP 50 SMEs in Hungary according to the independent study of „Magyar Hírlap”.

Ukrainian Leasing Association - 2008.09.17

The Ukrainian subsidiary of AdviseSoft has become a member of the Ukrainian Union of Lessors.

Ukrain Union Of Lessors logo

Project in Ukraine - 2008.09.01

The implementation project has started at ULC (BNP Paribas Group). BNP Paribas is the third international group that choose the AdviseSoft system after their operations in Hungary.

AdviseSoft project in Romania - 2008.06.20

AdviseSoft, the regional solution provider of leasing companies has recently signed a contract with Mercedes Benz Leasing Group Romania for an implementation project in Romania. This is the second country within the Mercedes-Benz group after Hungary where they will use the AdviseSoft leasing information system. The project is unique for its "shared services center" (SSC) model. The planned go live date of the system is September 2008.

Change of e-mail addresses - 2007.10.18

Due to the international expansion, starting from October 15th of the current year, all employees of the AdviseSoft Group will have a standardized e-mail addresses in the following way:

first name.last name@advisesoft.com

The old e-mail addresses will be available until December 31, 2007. Please, note that all service (IKR) and info e-mails also change to .com ending.

AdviseSoft Ukraine event - 2007.10.17

The Ukrainian subsidiary has invited all of its customers for an event at Rus Hotel and has presented the new online requirement handling system (Web IKR), which was implemented to the market recently. The event included a speech by Igor Szabados, Managing Director of AdviseSoft Ukraine and a system presentation and training by Mihail Popov consultant. All of the customers have received their individual passwords at this event and has started using the system. This is one of the first steps to standardize the support services of the AdviseSoft Group.

AdviseSoft AnaLease product presentation - 2007.10.12

On October 10, 2007 AdviseSoft had a successful event where it has presented its AnaLease product to its Hungarian customers. There were four presentations, among them of partner companies, like Microsoft.

IT-Business Leadership Award - 2007.09.05

IT Business Leadership Award logoAdviseSoft has received one of the most prestigious awards of the Hungarian IT industry, the Leadership Award founded by the IT-Business financial magazine.

The company came out on the top in the category of "Project development at small and mid-sized industries". The award was given to Mr Péter Busai, CEO of AdviseSoft at the Inside event in the presence of hundreds of leaders of the Hungarian IT sector.

This award is a recognition of the international success of the company, the acquistion in Ukraine and the overall international business strategy.

AdviseSoft: Acquisition in Ukraine - 2007.08.01

After the creation of the Ukrainian subsidiary of AdviseSoft, it has acquired the market leader Ukrainian product Master Leasing to its portfolio of leasing softwares. The company intends to support this system in the coming years and also introduce the localized version of its own product, the AdviseSoft Integrated Leasing-, Credit and Factoring administration System to the Ukrainian market.

AdviseSoft Ukraine LLC, a recently created separate legal entity, has acquired the copyrights of the Master Leasing product. Master Leasing currently has 12 clients; four of them are also clients of AdviseSoft in Hungary; and there is a massive interest for the product by other leasing companies in Ukraine and Russia.

The owner of the Master Leasing product, Mr. Andrey Galkin will continue to work as project manager within AdviseSoft Ukraine along with his team.
AdviseSoft would like to improve the level of services in the Ukrainian market and prepare for a similar boom that the Hungarian leasing market has seen from 1998 to 2005, with an annual growth of over 30 percent each year. "The Hungarian market is still the largest in the CEE region, but with slowing we had to move to other markets" – said Peter Busai, CEO of the AdviseSoft Group. "The Ukrainian market has that potential and after some experience will be an excellent entry point to other markets in the East, like Russia."

"The acquisition of Master Leasing extends AdviseSoft’s ability to offer a full range of leasing IT products for a developing market in the Ukraine. Now it was time to enter the market, as international leasing companies expressed, that they need a strong and reliable IT partner – said Igor Szabados, general manager of AdviseSoft Ukraine LLC.

While in other CEE markets, like Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania AdviseSoft intends to work with local partners, in Ukraine it has established an own company, as it sees the potential in the market.
With the addition of the Master Leasing product, AdviseSoft Group will have 80 customers in 26 leasing groups, over 1500 end products, that handle over 350 000 live contracts. The AdviseSoft group will employ 70 people in two locations: Budapest and Kiev.

AdviseSoft, a market leader in Hungary and now in Ukraine, is proud to be associated with companies that now serve in at least two CEE markets: Intesa Leasing Group, Raiffeisen Leasing Group, UniCredit Leasing, BNP Paribas Lease as well as Société Général Equipment Leasing.

Leasing Association membership - 2007.01.18

In the beginning of 2007, AdviseSoft has become an affiliate member of the Hungarian Leasing and Financing Association. The company has previously sponsored and supported numerous events and workshops, and from now on will actively participate in its activities. More than 10 of AdviseSofts' clients are also members of the Hungarian Leasing Association.

Leasing conference sponsoring - 2006.11.24

The Hungarian Leasing Association has organized its annual Leasing conference on November 17, 2006 in Visegrád. The conference was attended by international and Hungarian leasing professionals who have listened to presentations on current leasing affairs, the Hungarian and European trends. The 10 year-old AdviseSoft was the main sponsor of the event and of the Gala dinner in the Renaissance restaurant of Visegrád.

Speech at Turkish Leasing Assocation - 2006.11.09

AdviseSoft had a presentation at FIDER – Turkish Leasing Association last week. This was the first time that the company, as part of its international development strategy, has introduced itself in the Turkish market. The presentation was for the Board members and IT managers of leasing companies from the 41 invited member companies of FIDER.

Regional Partnership of Market Leaders - 2006.09.04

AdviseSoft Ltd. and CIB Rent Operative Lease Inc. signed a letter of intent stating that CIB Leasing Group decided to work with AdviseSoft as their IT partner with regards to their regional expansion.

The agreement between AdviseSoft and CIB Leasing involves three countries: Romania, Serbia and the Ukraine, where CIB will found a subsidiary and they intend to use the same AS system they have been employing in Hungary as well. CIB is the market leader in Hungary and the AS system is used by approximately 500 employees of the CIB Leasing Group in the country at present, managing over 170 000 active contracts. AdviseSoft's Integrated Credit, Leasing and Factoring product is also a market leader in its own field, having 70% share of the Hungarian leasing market.

Leasing system in Cyrillic letters
The implementation project begins in early September at the Serbian Intesa Leasing Beograd, which is a financial leasing company jointly owned by CIB Leasing and the Serbian Banca Intesa ad Beograd. The country-specific research of the solution supplier begun in Serbia in April of this year; and the system is scheduled to be launched early January, following the September start. Intesa Leasing Beograd will soon found an operating leasing company next to their financial leasing company that has been in operation since the beginning of this year. AdviseSoft will be the service provider for both systems. According to Péter Balázs, international executive of CIB Leasing and member of the board of managers at the Serbian subsidiary, "based on the Bank's network of approximately 160 branch offices that cover the whole of Serbia the objective of the Beograd-based company is to become one of the greatest leasing companies of the Serbian market within three years". As for the information technology background, in his opinion AdviseSoft's system would be the one to best assist them in reaching this goal.

Besides Serbia, CIB would like to launch leasing companies on the Romanian market as well as in the Ukraine, using AdviseSoft's AS Light system. The Light product of AdviseSoft is a so called "best practice" implementation which was especially developed for greenfield leasing companies on the basis of the company's experience gained with 16 bank groups and over 80 client companies. "Implementation of the product which is customized in advance is significantly shorter than in case of other similar leasing IT solutions. The approximate time for implementation is 3 to 5 months depending on the size of the company and the country-specific finance regulations as well as relevant legal requirements. An additional interesting specialty of the Serbian project is that it will be the first time for the AdviseSoft system to run with the letters of the Cyrillic alphabet in real action" – said Igor Szabados of AdviseSoft, responsible for international business development.

Since AS Light is customized in advance in accordance with the standard market operation, implementation mainly consists of fine tuning concerning the main procedures, thus saving significant client resources. Nevertheless, functions of individual nature are also formed. "On the leasing market the ability to make quick decisions is important along with short implementation period as well as the system's ability to expand in sync with the leasing company"- emphasized Péter Balázs. He also added that AdviseSoft’s system proved to be a good choice already in Hungary and the above deciding factors made them choose AdviseSoft over the local service providers at regional level as well.

Expansion at regional level
Due to the AS system the Hungarian parent company will receive the same reports from the Serbian and later other Central-Eastern European subsidiaries as they receive in Budapest and the MultiLanguage module enables the user to switch the language of AS system from Hungarian to English, German or even the local language of the given country while being used. AdviseSoft's objective is to become the market leader IT solution on the leasing market of the Central-Eastern European region as well as in Hungary. An important milestone to this goal is the partnership agreement entered into with the CIB Leasing Group.

New website - 2006.07.10

On July 10th AdviseSoft has launched its new graphically redesigned website.

AdviseSoft RoadRunner - 2006.07.06

The new AdviseSoft product, AdviseSoft RoadRunner was launched. The web-based front end component is a direct channel between financial institutions and their clients – with or without the core AdviseSoft system. It is ideal for banks or leasing firms with branches in various locations, as it links branch administration effectively. It is also possible to generate individual and secure data per user and allows you to generate a contract within minutes. For further information about this new product, please contact Igor Szabados.

New AS client: Fortis Lease - 2006.07.03

Fortis Lease has chosen the AdviseSoft system as its leasing software solution. Innotrade Leasing Rt. is specializing mainly in servicing small companies. Its sister company, Takleasing Rt., focuses on financial and real estate leasing to companies and individuals. The two companies are based in Budapest with two additional sales offices in Pécs (South Hungary) and in Győr (West Hungary). The new owner, Fortis Lease Group (FLG) is a fully owned subsidiary of Fortis. FLG employs some 500 staff and operates in 14 countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Portugal, the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Switzerland and Hungary). Fortis ranks among the twenty largest financial institutions in Europe